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Evelyn Or Santana? Who Is The Biological Daughter Of Bisa Kdei?

We do recall somewhere last year when an alleged daughter of Bisa Kdei, who gave her name as Evelyn Gyakwa said she has been looking for her real father for months and was told that, Bisa Kdei of ‘Metanfo’ fame is her biological father.

Bisa Kdei after denying the girl who was by then 14 years of age as his daughter asked, how old am i to father someone who is 14 years old?

His words below..

“I hear the story, I think the girl’s name is Maame Diana eh, but me sef how much I chop to father her? I speak plus am wey I make she know I no be the one” Bisa Kdei said.

After Bisa Kdei has come out to clear the news, Evelyn seems to have ended her search with Bisa Kdei as her father and till date, nothing new has been said about it.

But, just some few hours ago, Bisa Kdei who is currently promoting his latest single, Mansa shared a video on his timeline of a baby girl whose name was giving as Santana playing Mansa.

He captioned the video,

My daughter ‪#‎santana‬ is Inlove with mansa. She’ll cry if the music stops

This brings us to the question? Who is the biological daughter of Bisa Kdei? Is it Evelyn or Santana?




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