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Elizha crowned Best Female Vocalist at 2023 GMA USA Awards

The spotlight was on vocal prodigy Elizha as she clinched the coveted title of Best Female Vocalist at the 2023 Ghana Music Awards (GMA) USA. 

The prestigious event unfolded at the Lincoln Theatre in Columbus, Ohio, where Elizha’s remarkable vocal prowess earned her recognition as the finest Ghanaian female vocalist in the USA.

Renowned for her captivating voice, Elizha’s triumph at the awards ceremony marks a significant achievement in her burgeoning music career. The artist had previously secured the title of Discovery of the Year at last year’s edition of the awards.

Elizha’s presence was not only felt through her accolades but also through a spellbinding live performance that enthralled the audience. Attendees were left mesmerized by her distinctive vocal delivery, a testament to her exceptional talent and stage presence.

Expressing her gratitude in an acceptance speech that exuded confidence and grace, Elizha extended her appreciation to the event’s organizers for acknowledging her dedication and hard work. She expressed her determination to continue scaling greater heights in her musical journey.

“This marks my second major award, and I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to the organizers for transforming my musical aspirations into a reality. This trophy holds a special place in my heart. Winning this award motivates me to strive harder and contribute more to the growth of African music. I am committed to being a positive ambassador for Ghanaian music on the global stage,” Elizha remarked.

The artist’s hit track “Bad Love” has been a standout release in recent months, further solidifying her presence in the music scene. Elizha’s repertoire also includes other notable tracks like “RoadTown,” “Lijeje,” and “Police,” showcasing her versatility and musical finesse.


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