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Ego killing the Ghanaian movie industry – Berma Bediide

Alex Oduro who is popularly known as Berma Bediide has advised players in the ‘Kumawood’ sector to drop their ego and collaborate with actors in the booming ‘movie’ industry.

Over the years, there have been a lot of controversies surrounding the backdrop with regards to patronage of local movies in the country.

Most of the movie producers are blaming investors from investing funds into the business whiles others describe the players in the movie industry as selfish blaming their lack of support for each other’s work as a contributory factor to the decline of the movie industry.

But in an interview with Abena Ghana on “The Journey”, said unity is an essential factor if the Ghanaian Movie Industry wants to achieve a confident stance.

He further advised the Kumawood production houses to drop their ego and collaborate with all artistes especially those in the booming Kumawood sector.

This he said will not only improve the kind of movies produced locally but will help Ghana compete effectively on the international market.

“I think ego is part of the problem. They should merge. When Ghallywood was booming they looked down on them [Kumawood]. They should knock on Kumawood’s door now if they want to revive their dead careers…” he maintained.

“They should enter into the hinterlands. That’s where the money is. Why don’t they want to move by themselves to bring the money? They are sitting here and the money is somewhere else…” he fumed.

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