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E-levy is not bad – Sarkodie adds his voice

Rapper Sarkodie has explained why he thinks Electronic Transaction Levy otherwise known as E-Levy is not a bad idea by the Ghanaian government but Ghanaians have the right to kick against it.
He believes people are not in support of it because citizens do not get to enjoy the benefits that come with paying taxes unlike their counterparts in the developed world.
In a tweet on Tuesday, he disclosed how he pays taxes outside the borders of Ghana and does not complain because he and other taxpayers see the impact of their taxes.
Sarkodie who was responding to a follower who wanted his take on E-Levy, further added that there are systems in place and avenues available to taxpayers to earn more in these developed countries.

“I pay a lot of taxes outside and I don’t complain because I’m using avenues they made available to make money (it’s only right) it’s not the same here and that’s why we complain not because the “E Levy” is bad. When you broke, a harmless “good morning “ can sound like a tease,” he tweeted.
Sarkodie’s comment however did not sit well with some social media users who wanted him to openly show his disapproval of the levy.


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