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Don’t suffer with broke men, they leave when rich – Christiana Awuni to ladies

Veteran Kumawood actress Christiana Awuni has stirred up controversy after advising women not to marry broke men. In an interview with Kofi Adoma on his YouTube channel, Kofi TV, Awuni discussed the topic of marriage and the issues that come along with it.

Christiana Awuni Advises Women Not To Date Broke Men Photo Source: christiana_awuni Source: Instagram

During the interview, Awuni stated that many women are currently suffering in relationships with men who are not financially stable. She advised women to avoid such relationships altogether, citing that men tend to change their taste in women once they become rich.

According to Awuni, broke men will often settle for any woman willing to be with them. However, they tend to go for younger and prettier women once they make money. She said this tends to leave many women who stuck by their partners through tough times feeling neglected and unappreciated.

While some viewers have praised Awuni for her frankness and honesty, others have criticized her for being insensitive towards men who may be struggling financially. Some have also pointed out that her advice may be seen as encouraging gold-digging behaviour in women.

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