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District Assembly Elections get off to slow start

Voting in the 2015 Local Level Elections to elect assembly and unit committee members has opened across the country, however to a very slow voter response.

Voting kicked off at 7am with election officials and materials ready for the process at various polling centres within the Osu Clottey District of the Greater Accra Region, however voter response has been anything but encouraging.

Presiding officers and representatives of candidates think the day is too young yet and expect patronage to pick-up in the course of the day.

At the Roxy Cinema Hall polling centre, only two voters had cast their ballots one-and-half hours into voting, with the centre expecting 274 registered voters.


Similar stories were recorded at adjoining centres – Additrom School where 574 registered voters are expected had recorded 16 votes; Leteman’s Bakery polling centre with 1015 registered voters had recorded 17 votes as at 8:47am and the Crystal City polling centre had no more than 15 from an eligible voters of 906.

Monitored reports from other centres across the country also show a slow response so far.


The Greater Accra Region is noted to be the worst performer when it comes to patronage of the Local Level Elections and has persistently trailed the other regions since the inception of the system in 1988.


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