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Dagbon Union UK( DUUK) urged to play a significant role in the peace and reconciliation efforts in Dagbon

The Guest of Honour, Ghana’s Deputy High Commissioner to the UK, Her Excellency Ms Rita Tani Iddi who is a native and royal of Dagbon State speaking on the theme of the occasion: “The Damba Festival: A Tool for the Promotion of Socio-Cultural Cohesion of Dagbon State” commended the leadership of DUUK for this noble idea and she said  Ni yi Tuma, which in Dagbanili means “Well done”. 

On Saturday 4th of December 2021- The  natives of the “Dagbon State” of northern Ghana living in the UK/Ireland travelled from the length and breadth of the UK to Tottenham, North London to celebrate an historic Damba festival in the United Kingdom.

 The Overlord of Dagbon Kingdom N’dan Ya-Naa Abubakari II also sent a goodwill message to the Dagbon Union UK (DUUK) to wish them well on their maiden Damba festival celebrations.

H. E. Mrs Rita Tani Iddi gave a brief history of the Damba festival in line with the commemoration of the Birth of the Holy Prophet of Islam Mohammed(PUBH) and emphasised on the significance of the festival to glorify the chieftaincy institution and reunion of family members and friends.  

She  reiterated the importance of PEACE, UNITY and RECONCILIATION in Dagbon State, and observed that with the enskinment of Ya Naa Abubakari as the new overlord of Dagbon we need to forge ahead in unity which is essential for the development of Dagbon. She stated that Dagbon is a great Kingdom which has survived many wars and defended itself against external aggression, but it can only be defeated by its own internal conflicts and that is what the people of Dagbon must be wary of.  

She admonished members of DUUK to play a significant role in these peace and reconciliation efforts by advising our brothers and sisters in Ghana to embrace peace and reconcile with each other,  so that together we can have one united Dagbon State. 

She quoted African proverbs to buttress her advice; “When two brothers fight to death, a stranger inherits their property” and also, “When two grasshoppers fight to death, it is the crow which gets to feast”. 

The Deputy High Commissioner also admonished members of DUUK to abide by the laws of the UK as they go about their daily activities and urged them to continue to be each other’s keeper.  

H. E. Tani-Iddi also touched on an issue that continues  to plague the Ghanaian and minority communities in general especially gun and knife crime. 

She decried how this menace has claimed lives of many young and promising  Ghanaians  who would have aspired to achieve economic well-being and make positive contributions to the society. 

She advised Mabilgu to inculcate  into their children the Ghanaian values, morals and norms that will  protect and safeguard their  children from gun and knife crimes including other contextual safeguarding risks. 

In his opening prayers, Ustarz Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Rahim asked the Almighty Allah to continue to promote  peace, unity, love and understanding among members of DUUK and all Dagombas at large.  He admonished members of DUUK to learn to forget and forgive each other and live in peace and harmony.

Mr Yasser  Madugu – Kpabia, Secretary of DUUK- Birmingham Branch took the audience  through a brief history of Damba and phases  of the Damba festival – Sombo Damba, Naa Damba and Bel kulsi Damba. 

In his remarks following the speech of the Deputy High Commissioner, The Chairman of DUUK Alhaji Alhassan Mbalba on behalf the leadership of DUUK thanked  Her Excellency for honouring Union’s invite to this landmark event. Alhaji Mbalba stated that DUUK will work with the Ghana High Commission in London and other stakeholders to attract investments to Dagbon and  Ghana at large.

Alhaji Mbalba also expressed his gratitude to the leadership of DUUK, entire membership of DUUK for contributing in diverse ways  to make the event a great success and memorable one.

Alhaji Mbalba acknowledged the leadership of DUUK-Birmingham Branch- Mr Dayan- Chairman, Mr Nash Sona- Vice Chairman, Musah Bamba- Organiser, Hajia Shefawu Iddrisu, Women’s Organiser, Hajia Sala Bawa-  Deputy Women’s Organiser, Mr Ahmed- Treasurer and Mr Iddrisu Alhassan for organising and leading the Birmingham’s delegation to the event.   

Source: Dagbon Union UK(DUUK)


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