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Come and See Me With ‘Block’ Or You’ll Lose 2024 Elections – Owusu Bempah Warns NPP

Ghanaian man of God Isaac Owusu Bempah has warned the NPP that they cannot win the 2024 elections unless they come and see him.

According to him, the only way the NPP can win the 2024 elections is by getting help in the spiritual realm.

Bempah said they have to make sure they get that help from the right place and that is from Almighty God.

Whilst he did not mention his name, Bempah clearly meant the party must come and see him and perform the necessary ‘rites’.

The man of God made all these pronouncements after revealing a supposed vision he got from God.

In the vision, an Elephant was chained up in a cage and no matter what it tried, it could not get out.

Every time it tried getting out, there were two angels stopping him from going out.

Bempah used the vision to symbolise the NPP and warned them that to break that vision, they need God’s help.

Of course, they have to see a man of God to get them God’s help and Bempah probably sees himself as that man of God.


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