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CICC Ghana and West Africa Founder issues a disclaimer on Albanian Businessman

The Founder and President of the Council of International Chambers of Commerce (CICC) King Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I have urged the public to desist from transacting business with one businessman from Albanian parading himself as the Founder and President of the council.

“Information gathered is that certain groups of persons are parading themselves as the executive council of the chamber. This impersonator illegally issued an unsigned press release letter dated 18th January 2022 on the LinkedIn portal”.

According to King Oyanka, the fraudster Engineer Tutuk Astywati and her culprit Dr Ken Okpeche raised false allegations against him.

“Dr. Ken Okpeche who is parading himself as Executive Director of economic for Ghana has been appointing people as executives for CICC Ghana. The said Dr. Ken Okpeche, we have gathered is collecting huge sum of money from his prospective clients with the promise of securing job and other opportunities within the CICC Ghana and West Africa”.

The Council of International Chambers of Commerce (CICC) with registration number CG182940521 on the 14th day of May 2021.

Activities of the Organisation are;
To promote economic development and investment promotions, To provide a platform of Communication, Interaction and business support. 

Contact made to Ghana and West Africa CEO shows that he has not appointed any such position and therefore cautioning the general public to desist from dealing with him.

King Oyanka Noted that you cannot sit in Albania or wherever and operate a company or Organisation in Ghana which u had never legally acquired or registered.

King Oyanka also noted that he has duly registered CICC in his name and not a foreign extended company or Organisation and have also created a Cryptocurrency token for CICC Africa and Ghana that is legally registered and approved on Xchain and Blockchains respectively with a value of 5.013B dollars which can be found in Xchain link below.


He is therefore urging prospective investors to make the right contact in such endeavours.
Dr. Ken Okpeche was illegally appointed by one Mr. Besim Jashara of Kosovo, who claimed to be the founder and President of CICC.
Information and evidence reveal that Mr. Ken Okpechi is illegally operating an office around 19 Kofi Annan Street, airport residential area in Accra with CICC Billboard.

King Oyanka also revealed that he personally warned Mr. Besim Jashara of illegally appointing people for CICC Ghana and Africa because he has no legal authority or power to do so.
He said this can only be done in consultation and approval by King Oyanka who registered CICC Ghana and West Africa in his name.


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