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Canadian and Ghanaian Schools Forge Lifelong Partnership Through Education and Friendship

In the winter of 2016, a chance encounter between Canadian physicians working at Cape
Coast Teaching Hospital in Ghana and Headmaster Justin Ekor of Archbishop Amissah
School marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Drs. Heather Scott, Ron George,
and Anca Matei, who were dedicated to improving maternal and newborn care in Ghana,
brought with them not only their medical expertise but also a bag of soccer balls and
donated soccer jerseys. Little did they know, this would be the start of a beautiful partnership
between two worlds.

Archbishop Amissah School, nestled in the Central Region of Ghana, became the focal point
of this heartwarming collaboration. Initially, donations from the Canadian clinicians helped
provide much-needed soccer equipment, a computer, a photocopier, and library shelves to
the school. However, the true magic happened when Heather Scott, one of the physicians,
initiated a connection between
Archbishop Amissah School and Auburn Drive School in
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Auburn Drive School, led by Principal Karen Hudson, wholeheartedly embraced the idea of
fostering a relationship with the Ghanaian school. In 2019, Headmaster Justin Ekor, Principal
Hudson, and Heather Scott formalised their commitment through a memorandum of
understanding. Their vision was clear – to facilitate cultural exchange and support each
other’s journey in education.

The partnership flourished. Fundraisers like the sale of African bracelets, and later,
calendars featuring Archbishop Amissah School students, were enthusiastically organised
by Auburn Drive students. These initiatives, coupled with the dedication of the Canadian
team, provided essential resources, including an outdoor summer shelter, new doors and
locks, and much-needed whiteboards for Archbishop Amissah School.

COVID-19 threw a curveball into their plans, cancelling events such as a fundraising dinner.
Still, the resilience of the team led by Heather Scott and Principal Hudson prevailed. This
year, Auburn Drive High held a popcorn and lollipop sale, with Principal Hudson personally
delivering the funds to the school during her visit to Ghana in August 2023.

The commitment to Archbishop Amissah School goes beyond infrastructure. Recognizing
the urgent needs of the students, the Canadian team, with Headmaster Ekor’s guidance,
supported students with backpacks, uniforms, educational supplies, and nutritious meals
during the pandemic.

Looking ahead, the partnership’s goals are as bright as ever. Plans include building a
perimeter wall to ensure a safe learning environment, acquiring musical instruments such as
a trumpet, and adding more whiteboards. The dedication to these students is unwavering,
with a focus on those who need it most.

Auburn Drive High eagerly anticipates continuing this collaborative and mutually rewarding
relationship, strengthening ties between Canada and Ghana through education and
friendship. As they say, there is more to come, and the future is filled with promise for these
two schools separated by miles but united by a common goal: to provide education and
support that transforms lives.

By: Dailyviewgh.com


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