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Bosomtwe schools in the Ashanti Region to benefit from Girls-in-ICT (SHS) program

[5-09-22] The Girls in ICT Program for Senior High schools will start in the Bosomtwe schools in the Ashanti Region tomorrow on 5th September, 2022. By the end of this week, all girls in Bosomtwe would have benefited from the Cyber security and Data Privacy training.

The program is aimed at ensuring that all girls stay safe on the internet. They are also encouraged to reach out to the National Cyber Security Authority on the Short code 292 in time of distress.

A Huawei Instructor who is also a lecturer at the University of Ghana, Legon, Mr Julius Yaw Ludu will take the children through an interactive session. During the training, students will be educated on cybersecurity, information security and Data privacy.

They will further be enlightened on the top 10 common cybersecurity threats they are often exposed to on the internet. These include but not limited to the following; Malware attack, phishing, password attacks, Man-in-the-middle attacks, Distributed Denial-of-service attacks, Drive-by-download attack, Malvertising, Rogue software attack and Business Email Compromise attack. They will also get educated on two major steps which include two-factor verification and controlling devices linked to their accounts.

Beneficiary schools include Tetrefu; Adu Twum; Jachie Training Center; St Michaels; Bosomtwe Girls; St George; Kokomba Tech Institute; Oyoko shs, Stem Girls and Beposo

It is being organized by the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation in collaboration with Huawei Ghana; MoE and the GES. The Girls-in-ICT Program is an initiative of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) aimed at encouraging young girls to take up career courses in ICT.
Girls in ICT; Accessing ICT Safely.


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