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Anas Exposé: Show video to the public – AFAG

Justice Ajet Nassam – Justice of the High Court allegedly took bribe to ‘kill’ a case

Pressure group – Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) – has joined the school of thought who feels premiering the damning video of judges taking bribes will go a long way to purge the judiciary of corruption.

According to AFAG, ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas must not be cowed by the judges and their legal threats and should go ahead and make the video public to save his credibility.

Below is the full statement of AFAG:

“Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) salutes ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, for his commitment to God and country, and his relentless effort to rid Ghana off the cancer of corruption that is virtually tearing every institution and organ of government apart.

“Big thumbs up to the Tiger Eye team for contributing immensely to the collective cause of fighting corruption.

“AFAG is however surprised that the findings up to date has not been made public. It’s our belief that this sterling investigative initiative was premised on the historical challenge of enormous perception of corruption in the judiciary without any shred of evidence. Over the years, the Ghana Integrity Initiative and other persons have challenged the courts and in some instanced branded judges as being corrupt.

“In 2011 the association of Judges and Magistrates of Ghana recused themselves off cases involving Raymond Atuguba et. al ( Following the stern warning issued by the Association of Judges and Magistrates of Ghana in a petition to the General Legal Council (GLC) that they would recuse themselves from cases being handled by four lawyers, who made allegations of corruption against the judiciary, Dr. Raymond Atuguba, one of the accusers of the judiciary, had been on the receiving side.

“The Supreme Court, yesterday, declined to adjudicate a case in which Dr. Raymond Atuguba, Executive Secretary of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) and counsel for a cattle breeder, who is challenging the continuous stay in office of the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bawku Central, Adamu Dramani Sakande, before the court).

“Fellow countrymen, in the past where such allegations have been made in public, the outcome of any investigation or position by the GLC has not been made public. Indeed, the public cannot testify about any whip cracked against a judge(s). Judicial reforms have been restricted to speedy trials and the introduction of witness statements.

“This situation has deepened public mistrust in the Judiciary. It is in this vein that: (i) We call for the premiering of videos on this judge’s bribery (ii) public inquiry other than in camera hearing.

“The Tiger team must know that, their integrity is at stake especially where along the line a judge or group of judges try to undermine the authenticity of their finding through their lawyers.

“Besides, the Tiger team may be feeding into the general perception of some politicians trying to manipulate them to prevent the premiering of the videos, and possibly, insulate some of the high court judges from the consequences of their actions.

“AFAG is challenging the Tiger team to exhibit their independence and resolve to stand by the public on the fight against corruption. Additionally, it is an indictment on the tiger team if all except one of their painstaking investigations is not made available to the public. Historically, the public have been previewed to all their findings with respect to previous investigations. This allows for informed discussions. AFAG has been unable to speak critically about this scandal because of the lack of hard facts. This notwithstanding, we are happy to commend if true, the judges who refused to be bribed but on what basis.”

Source: Starrfmonline


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