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Ambassador Salamu Amadu Earns Forty Under 40 Africa Nomination

Ambassador Alhaji Salamu Amadu, Founder and President of the award-winning Afro Arab Group of Companies in Ghana, has secured a nomination in the Real Estate Development And Construction category for this year’s Forty Under 40 Africa Awards.

Known for his dedication to affordable housing through Afro-Arab Properties and Construction, a subsidiary of Afro-Arab Group, Ambassador Salamu Amadu has made a substantial impact on the Ghanaian business landscape. His commitment to providing accessible housing with flexible payment terms without interest has earned him a spot among the nominees.

Expressing his gratitude, Ambassador Alhaji Salamu Amadu shared his appreciation for Xodus Communications, the organizers of the Forty Under 40 Africa Awards, for acknowledging his contributions to real estate development and construction.

Beyond his success in the Ghanaian business circles, Ambassador Salamu Amadu harbors a broader vision. He aims to extend his influence to the African market, offering enticing packages that promise to make a significant impact.

Ambassador Salamu Amadu’s Afro-Arab Properties and Construction has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing affordable housing in Ghana. The flexible payment terms without interest have not only made housing accessible but have also set a new standard for socially responsible business practices.

Ambassador Salamu Amadu’s commitment goes beyond business success; he envisions contributing to community development. Through innovative approaches in real estate, he aspires to create sustainable living environments, fostering not just housing but vibrant and thriving communities. His nomination reflects not only individual achievement but a dedication to making a lasting positive impact on the socio-economic fabric of Ghana and beyond.

Afro-Arab Properties is currently constructing Lamin’s Court at Obeyeyie-Amasaman, Afugu’s Court at Oyarifa, and Hawa’s Court located at Old Ningo. These projects exemplify the commitment to providing quality housing solutions. With flexible payment options, Afro-Arab Properties ensures that anyone can realize the dream of becoming a homeowner, fostering inclusivity and accessibility in the real estate sector.


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