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Allow The Security Sector to Work Without Interference

Government should not bear the responsibility for all the activities of the security service. Government needs to allow the security service to work extensively and judiciously with little or no interference.

Security is the bedrock of every nation and Government therefore needs to include the security service in its annual budget. The security service must be equipped with the needed accoutrements to combat crime in the nation. It is a necessity.

I believe the constitution requires an amendment. The security service should be independent of the Executive and Judiciary to enable them work with some conscientiousness.

It is the duty of the security service to protect citizens and their properties.
In recent times there have been speculations that motorbikes of individuals which are ceased are auctioned after some months. Which should not be the case if those speculations are true.
It is also alleged some of these motorbikes have their licensed plates removed and replaced with “GP” number plates.
If these speculations are true, are we not opening the floodgates of crime in our dear nation?
Does it mean that any individual can decide to affix any number plate on his vehicle as and when he wants to?

The security service needs to sit up.


  1. Great advice and i believe the government & those it may concern should take our security serious because a surprise attack on our dear nation will be fatal.


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