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Allow students to express themselves — Professor Karikari

A former Director-General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Professor Kwame Karikari, has urged parents and teachers to give children the freedom to express themselves at all times.

He said for instance, if children could not ask questions because they feared being punished, they would not be able to develop properly.

“Children cannot be disciplined if they cannot ask questions and learn to tell the truth,” he said.

Prof. Karikari was addressing students and parents at the third graduation ceremony of the Rising Star Montessori School in Accra.

He pointed out that it was not all kinds of punishment which were helpful in promoting discipline among students.

Rather, he said, the best way for parents and teachers to teach children to be disciplined was to set good examples for them to follow as well as being kind to them.

“Kindness does not mean that when students go wrong we are silent, we must tell the truth to everybody,” he added.

The Founder of the school, Mrs Kate Ankrah Kutin, said the school, which was established in 2009, now had a student population of 400.

She stated that the school had chalked up some successes with most of its students getting their first choice senior high schools (SHSs).

In all, 44 pupils graduated to the basic level and 15 from Grade Six to junior high school (JHS).

The overall best student went to Rita Lamphee. She also took the award for the best student in Science and Maths.


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