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Akatsi North: DCE Making NPP Unpopular In The District – NPP Youth Wing In Akatsi North Fumes

The AKATSI NORTH NPP YOUTH WING has outlined damning allegations against the DCE to be the master mind behind the failure of the NPP party to capture the Parliamentary seat from the NDC.

Read the full press statement from the group below.

For Immediate Release 

All Media Houses 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, we have invited you here today to register our displeasure  on the manner in which our District Chief Executive; Hon. Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu is running  the Assembly and ridiculing the New Patriotic Party in the Akatsi North Constituency and to  make a passionate appeal to His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to replace him  with a very competent person to improve our chances of capturing the parliamentary seat from  the NDC. 

We are grateful to you for honouring our invitation even though on a short notice. 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the media, it will be recalled that in the year 2021, three (3) nominees  were shortlisted for the position of DCE in the Akatsi North District Assembly. The first  nominee Mr. Prosper Kofi Patu as well as Mr. Goodman Paul Ayrah, the second nominee were  all rejected on two and four consecutive sittings of the members of the assembly respectively. 

It turned out that Hon. Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu was the one who allegedly bribed the NDC  Assembly Members in the Assembly to reject whoever was appointed by the President except  himself. Subsequently, Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu was nominated by the President. 

It was also revealed that when Mr. Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu was nominated, a meeting was held  in Accra between him and Hon. Peter Nortsu Kotoe (Member of Parliament for the Akatsi  North Constituency), Dr Richard Awudza (Akatsi North Constituency Chairman of the  National Democratic Congress), Hon. Patrick Kwame Ahiabu (Assembly Member for Ave 

Dakpa Electoral Area, Presiding Member of the Akatsi North District Assembly, Dean of  Presiding Members, Volta and Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress),  and Hon. Godwin Senyo Dzorkpata (Akatsi North Constituency Organiser of the National  Democratic Congress and Assembly Member for Ave-Dzadzepe Electoral Area). In this  meeting, it was agreed that Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu be confirmed as the DCE since he was the  “weakest link” that they could use to ruin the gains the NPP made in the 2020 parliamentary  elections in the Constituency.  

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, we can recall the huge gains we made as a party in the  2020 parliamentary election which got party stalwarts at the party headquarters hailing Akatsi  North for a good job done. This feat by the NPP has caused a lot of uproar in the NDC in the  Constituency and they vowed to dismantle the NPP before the 2024 elections because if things  remained the same, they would be losing the seat. NDC has identified Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu  as the one to help them execute their agenda and from where we sit, he is helping them to  achieve same.  

If Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu is allowed to spend more days in the Assembly, even our own  polling station executives may not vote the NPP come December, 2024. We must save the party  now. 

The modus-operandi of their agenda is that;

1. Prior to becoming the DCE, he was sponsored with party funds to become the  parliamentary candidate in 2019. As parliamentary candidate, a lot of funds and  logistics were made available to him and the then acting chairman; Mr. Martin Dorvlo  to be able to win the seat for the party. Unfortunately for the party, his agenda of  becoming a parliamentary candidate was not to win the seat for the party but to be made  the DCE after the elections. For this singular reason, Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu and  Martin Dorvlo hoarded most of the funds and resources made available for the  campaign. Even as we speak, they are still keeping some of those resources in their  houses and warehouses. Some of those items were shared during the Constituency  Executives Elections to influence the Polling Station Executives and the Electoral Area  Co-ordinators but the voting could not go in their favour. Akatsi North will have given  NPP a seat in parliament during the 2020 elections but for the selfish interest of Simon  Peter Kofi Ofosu and his surrogates. 

2. Ladies and gentlemen, Hon. Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu accuses his predecessor of not  doing any work but incurred debts for the assembly. His agenda is to paint his  predecessor black before the NDC and our party members and to create the impression that his predecessor performed poorly. Unfortunately, the same Ofosu went to meetings  in Ho and on record to have said that most of the works his predecessor executed were  not necessary. 

3. Hon. Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu makes the NPP unpopular in the constituency by using  NDC stalwarts during public events. He refused to work with the Constituency  Executives of the party. During the Constituency Executives Elections, he made it clear  that he was supporting the then Acting chairman and his team and that the rest of the  teams were his enemies and would not work with them when they were voted.  Unfortunately for him, the people he described as his enemies won the elections and  since then, he does not involve them in anything he does in the Assembly. A typical  example is the 30th March, 2023 commissioning of the Ave-Dakpa Central Market that  was built by his predecessor. He is virtually running the Assembly with the NDC  Communication Officer, the Presiding Member. 

4. Hon. Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu secretly commissions some projects undertaken by his  predecessor so that the MP and his surrogates could claim such projects as theirs. Although he keeps accusing his predecessor of not doing any work, he continues to  commission projects done by his predecessor without the involvement of the party. This  action gives the NDC the assurance to claim those projects for the MP who is seeking  re-election. He is always hailing the MP in public for no reason, but of course, that was  part of the conditions for his confirmation.  

5. Ladies and gentlemen of the media, Hon. Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu abandoned some of  the projects that were completed by his predecessor to rot. Our most cherished Ave  Crocodile Resort that once won an award for the district has been left to be engulfed by  weeds. Currently when you visit the site, you cannot imagine that is the award winning  Ave Crocodile Resort. As if that is not enough, when going to Ho, just after the Ave 

Dakpa Central Market is the Court Complex that has been completed before he came  to office but has been left to be covered by weeds, while other districts are 

commissioning their courts. These actions of his continue to make the NPP unpopular  by the day hence losing members to the NDC as they have planned it to be.  6. Hon. Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu cannot boast of even a “hen coop” as his project for the  past 15 months that he has been in office as DCE. All his sessional addresses to the  assembly are empty of projects he wants to execute but full of only English. It is sad  that we have a DCE who cannot execute any project for the party to be able to use same  to campaign during the 2024 elections. He keeps listening to advice from the NDC  presiding member. This clearly explains the agenda to collapse the NPP in the Akatsi  North Constituency. 

7. The Presiding Member who doubles as the Communication officer of the NDC in  Akatsi North is the advisor to Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu. He does what the Presiding  member tells him. When you discuss anything pertaining to the NPP, in the next minute  the issue is with the NDC.  

8. Whenever party members go to him for help, he would tell them that he is not being  paid. He would rather refer the people to other party executive members by telling them  that ‘‘they voted people who are his enemies so he would not be able to work with such  constituency officers.’’ This his conduct is causing disaffection for the party hence, the  party continues to lose members to the NDC. 

Hon. Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu was the same person who wrote letters upon letters against his  predecessor but today, what do we see? He has proven to be incapable of being the District  Chief Executive. 

If we really want to snatch the seat from the NDC and break the ‘8’, then Hon. Simon Peter  Kofi Ofosu is never an option. We cannot sit for someone who joined the party in November,  2016 to destroy the gains we have made over the years. We can confidently say that from his  actions, he was planted in the NPP by NDC to collapse the party in the constituency. 

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, we are appealing to His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa  Akufo-Addo to save the party in the constituency by replacing Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu with a  very competent person, who is willing to work for the party to snatch the seat from the NDC  come 2024. 

The earlier the better for us as a party. 

Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu must go!!!  

Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu must go!!! 

Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu must go!!! 

Thank you for your attention.

Source: Abraham Allotey Snr || Dailyviewgh.com


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