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Afro Arab Microfinance Grabs top Award

The Afro Arab Microfinance Limited, a subsidiary of the Afro Arab Group of Companies has been adjudged the ‘Best Microfinance Company of The Year in Methodology’ by the Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network (GHAMFIN).

The Award is in recognition of Afro Arab’s uniquely tailored financial solutions to address the specific needs of its clientele in the Zongo communities and other deprived areas.

According to the organizers, the Non-Bank Financial Institutions awards, has been designed to celebrate the successful business models implemented by these companies to grow their business and impact the economy of the country.

The General Manager of the Afro Arab Microfinance Limited, Ebenezer Tetteh Egyir in his remarks after receiving the award noted that the award goes to the youth and women groups that the company is currently working with.

“The Award is dedicated to the youth and women groups that we are working with. This goes a long way to enforce our commitment to offering the best microfinance services to our clients, especially economically active women in vulnerable communities and the inner cities,” he said.

Ambassador Alhaji Salamu Amadu, the Founder and CEO of the Afro Arab Group of Companies, on his part hailed the entire staff of the Afro Arab Microfinance Limited for their hard work and dedication.

“Alhamdulillah, first of all, the big thanks goes to the Almighty Allah for seeing us through while the entire country is facing economic challenges. Let me also say a very big thank you to the entire staff of the Afro Arab Microfinance and our customers most especially the youth and the women,” he stressed.

Ambassador Alhaji Salamu added that the Afro Arab Microfinance Limited will continue to offer support to the youth and women across the country.


Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network (GHAMFIN) is a network of Non-Bank Financial Institutions’ Association, Microfinance Associations (MFAs) and member financial institutions (FIs) engaged in the provision of financial and non-financial services.
Membership composes various Associations of Savings and Loans, Rural & Community Banks, Credit Unions, Microfinance Companies, Micro Credit Institutions, Financial NGOs, and Susu Enterprises. The Members include the Association of Rural Banks (ARB) / ARB Apex Bank, Ghana Association of Savings and Loans Companies (GHASALC), Ghana Association of Microfinance Companies (GAMC), Ghana Cooperative Credit Union Association (CUA), Micro Credit Association, Ghana (MCAG), Ghana Association of Financial NGOs (GHASSFIN) and Ghana Cooperative Susu Collectors Association (GCSCA).


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