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Adehye 05 rep your jersey day on the beach kick of on 24th Sep

There’s no better feeling in the world than reuniting with an old friends.

No matter why or how you lost touch, and for how long you’ve been estranged,
rediscovering a friendship you thought had fallen by the wayside can be pretty

Not only does it feel like no time has passed, but somehow (most of the time)
you’re able to reconnect and pick up exactly where you left off.

Adehye 05 REP YOUR JERSEY DAY ON THE BEACH is an activity to help all Adehye
who completed in the year 2005 to meet, greet, and create links and bond.

Displaying rep your jersey.jpg

Come let’s have fun while we engage in meaningful discussions to help each

Activities to be carried out include:-
Cards and more

Bring at least a bottle of any drink of your choice along?
Let’s meet and have fun

DATE: Saturday, 24th Sep. 2022, @ Trophy Tavern – Laboma, La
TIME: 12pm

Sponsored by Adehye 05 Welfare.

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