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Abola Akwatse We Enstools Youth Chief

Nii Ayiteyfio Djata I, also known as Nii Okpoti Kodia has been enstooled as the Oblahii Mantse of Abola Akwatse We.

Nii Ayiteyfio Djata I in his remarks after the installation pledged to unite the youth from the Abola Akwatse We and ensure he introduces entrepreneurship skills among them.

“I would like to show appreciation to the principal elders for the power vested in me to lead the youth of the Abola Akwatse We. As the youth chief, I will ensure entrepreneurship skills are introduced to them and unite them because there is a saying that united we stand, divided we fall”.

Nii Djata 1 was added that Greater Accra is home of all the people of Ga Damgbe, so it is their sole responsibility to protect the lands and all that’s on it to the benefit of their people and the unborn generation. He said “Ga Mashie wo no ni”, Literally meaning Ga Mashie is our home. 

As part of the ceremony Nii Akwa Onsro Anim 1 was also crowned asafoatse of  Akwatse We. 

Some dignitaries who graced the occasion included Nii Kofi Tuadan III an advisor and  secretary to the Ga Mantse, Moses Aboh Greater Accra Regional Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party and among other dignitaries. 

Nii Kofi Tuadan III petitioned all Ga Dangbe chiefs and families to come together and fight the division as a United Kingdom and better than a scattered settlement.


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