TV presenter Amanda Jissih has decided not to let people who insult her go free. After Kontihene insulted her on radio, she took to twitter to lash him out.

After she described Kontihene as somebody who lacks sense, Kontihene also took to Facebook to say that she is reacting in that manner because of menopause. Kontihene also said Amanda Jissih is supporting Kwaw Kese because Abodam dashed her G-string and Gh5000.

Amanda Jissih is back to reply Kontihene after these allegations were made on Wednesday evening. Amanda did not go by the insult way but explained how all these hullabaloo started.

Amanda Jissih early on Thursday morning wrote on Facebook that “I interviewed kwaw on his upcoming project. Kwaw had no idea i was gonna ask him abt wat kontihene said abt his music. Honestly,Kwaw was not wiln to answer . I later called Kontihene ryt after interviewing Kwaw but he didnt respond ,so i decided to call him on my show next day cuz my show was just abt ending.
I called Kontihene next day n he insulted me on air because he thinks we are friends and expected me to defend him. I was only doing my job. Whatever beef you have with Kwaw has nothn to do with me. You insulted me and i told u my mind. What is he bitter about? Was he expecting me to award him for his silly attitude? Bro pls calm down! I guess ur enjoying the attention ur getting now. There’s a lot to worry about in life. This is childish. Kontihene,work on ur temper and tongue. Sort out ur bitterness with kwaw and dont involve me because i only did my job. I have enough am praying about and you wont be one cuz u are not my problem.you need Jesus. If your beef with kwaw is same one we all know from over eight years then you are too bitter. I dont even remember how that beef started. The pride is too much. If you have really seen life and bn to funerals and lost people close to u. You wont be bothered abt certain things. You can insult me all you want,i really dont care. U are not the only one who is bitter in life. This is not wat we need in our industry. If i am not insultn you bk like u did to me on my show,its because the i ve grown and seen alot in life. Am sure ur older than me. Please act ur age and not ur shoe size. If you need help call Lord Kenya and Azigizar to pray with you cuz you to proud and bitter. Child pls! I am.equally quick tempered but i always control it. Let your music speak for you .

Am still sleepy. I need an hr rest before i hit the gym. Bn up for 3hrs . Got on fb and this is the first thing i see. Funny kid!

Quick one. Allow the dead to sleep. Dont disrespect the dead
Becareful Kontihene
Your mouth is ur problem.”



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