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2024 election is a win for NPP but NDC can take over — Bishop Etrue Kobina

Founder of Miracle House Chapel International Bishop Etrue Kobina Appiah has added his voice on 31st night Prophetic ministry works.

The man of God released his list of prophecies for the year 2024 after hitting a 90% success rate with his 2023 prophecies.

According to the Prophet of God, 2024 is a year of new faces and many incumbent legislators are going to lose their seats.

He says even as the grounds make it obvious that some MPs are no more needed by their constituents, they will force themselves over them and lose the seats at the polls.

“2024 is a year of new faces. Ghana is going to experience the worst skirt and blouse ever. God revealed to that, NPP is leading the election but NDC can take over if they work hard. This year is a good year too, he said this on Sunday, December 31st, 2023.

Bishop Etrue further revealed that the aftermath of the elections will be bloody, with lots of lives lost.

There’s war in 2024 elections more than victory. If we don’t pray, what will happen in Ghana will not be good. 2024 elections will be more serious than any other elections. I plead with all Christians and all Ghanaians to start praying about it even though we haven’t gotten into 2024. We shouldn’t be focused on who wins but we should be focused on our lives and the peace of the nation.

He urged politicians in the country to preach peace to their supporters ahead of the elections.

Ghana needs the hand of God. Let’s not let the position be ‘sweet’ for us but rather we should think about lives. I plead with politicians to have love for Ghana than the positions.

By: Dailyviewgh.com


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