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18 year old girl trapped with ‘for girls’ spell for 8 years

“I cannot do anything if I don’t respond to his calls and demands, he even beats me, makes love to another lady while I sleep on the same bed but I still ‘love’ him…,” that is the confession of an eighteen year who has been placed under a ‘for girls’ spell by a 24 year old boyfriend.

Maame Akua (pseudo name) and her mother told Naa Amerley of Nhyira FM that she came under the spell eight years ago when she put on the shirt of one Kwaku Oware who was recidng next to their residence.

This happened about eight years ago and the effect of putting on the ‘juju attire’ is her moving in to live with Kwaku Oware who has been treating her badly.

After putting on the shirt, Maame Akua narrated that she was compelled to have sex with Oware that evening and that sealed the relationship between the ‘couple’.

“Ever since that time, I have been gladly doing his bidding…there are times when he even beats me and still orders me to have sex with him, because I ‘love’ him I gladly do…,”

She narrated further that there have been occasions when Kwaku Oware ‘engages in sexual bouts with another woman while I sit in the same room and look on…..’

Maame Akua further confessed that she has always had to cut short her trips to an Auntie who she stayed with just to respond to the demands of the man who beats and maltreats her even in public.

“A man want to marry me but I have snubbed  him and opted for this guy…,” she said.

Her mother,

These ordeals notwithstanding, her mother, Madam Sala Abubakari of Abonsuaso said she could not quit the relationship due to the ‘For Girls’ spell placed on her.

What really hurts me, the mother said, was how the lady was unwilling to be engaged to a man who came to demand her hand in marriage.

Her mother, Sala Abubakari who appeared on Nhyira FM’s social magazine programme, Obra with her said she was alerted to the charm placed on her daughter by a friend of the 24-year old who led her to the Malam who performed the rituals for Kwaku Oware.

“When we approached the Malam, he indeed said it was ‘For Girls’ that the guy was using on my daughter…after performing all the necessary rituals, the charm became loosened for a while but that did not last…,” she said.

According to her, the charm is still in effect despite visiting many Pastors for help when the Malam’s intervention failed.

When asked if she has returned to the Malam for a reversal of the charm again, Maame Sala said the Malam is now dead and has therefore appealed to other powerful spiritualists to come to her aide to rescue the daughter from Kwaku Oware.

Source: adomonline.com


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