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Western Togolanders “distorting history” – Ablakwa

The Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Mr Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has said members of secessionist movement Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) are distorting history.

Mr Ablakwa told Benjamin Akapko on the Executive Breakfast show on Class 91.3FM on Wednesday, 4 December 2019 that: “There is really no basis for the ongoing agitation” by the group which has declared the whole of the Volta Region an independent state – Western Togoland.

“I believe in pan-African unity”, Mr Ablakwa said, explaining: “All of us coming together and not further segregation”.

He said: “If you look at the plebiscite which was conducted on 9th May 1956, it was clear that 93,090 people voted in favour of the union – joining Ghana or aligning with the Gold Coast at the time. This was communicated to the United Nations. The UN General Assembly, by resolution 1044 XI, clearly upheld the decision of the plebiscite conducted on 9th May 1956.”

The opposition lawmaker added: “If you even look at the Western Togoland map at the time, it was not the whole Volta Region; Kpong was not part, Anlo was not part. It included parts of Northern Region, parts of Burkina Faso and, so, why will some people make this a Volta Region issue? It is a distortion of history.”

About five members of HSGF have been remanded on treason charges after being arraigned at the Ho District court on Wednesday, 20 November 2019.

They include Peter Godfriend Edem, Mkpe Tornyi Kudjo, Kofi Agbeko, Agbenyega Akudzia and Ibrahim Tofa.

They are to reappear in court today, 4 December 2019. They were part of 10 suspects arrested by the Volta Regional Security Council on Tuesday, 19 November 2019.

Subsequently, 10 other suspects, including a 93-year-old man, were arrested in the Upper West Region.

The group’s independence declaration was made by its 85-year-old leader, Mr Charles Kudzordzi, also known as Papavi Hogbedetor, at a public gathering of its adherents at the premises of the former Unity Rural Bank which is a few metres away from the Ho Police Training school.

The secessionist declaration was broadcast live on Facebook.

Source: ClassFMOnline.com


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