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The COVID-19 battle: Has the Church lost the call to give hope to many in Africa and beyond?


Guest Speaker Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park

It’s almost two years since the world woke up to COVID-19. This pandemic has, in least terms, shaken the very foundations of the earth and humanity throughout the entire world with no nation spared.

Innumerable homes and livelihoods has been shattered, or permanently affected in the adverse, that nothing seems plausible to bring the minds and hearts of the affected family, friends and loved ones to rest.

In the midst of all these, many seek far-reaching hope and rest in the new normal, as the cases of COVID-19 in several parts of the world never seem to either go down, or even show signs of nibbling it in the bud. But for recent months and moments, many had, were, or are still living in fear and uncertainty. While many seem continually worried and uncertain of the future, one tend to wonder if religious or faith based organizations, example the Church and the Body of Christ has anything to offer society, and how they hope to even achieve that?

The advent of COVID-19 and resulted in the prevention of gatherings, and even if allowed, done so with restrictions and the requirement of strict adherence to the COVID-19 protocols.

Nonetheless, many still live in fear! But can Christian Leaders live up to the task of giving hope, or have they failed? In seeking possible answers to this question, it has become evident that the Leaders of Faith Based Organizations, especially Christians, owe it to their cause and calling, the need to rekindle themselves first in the deep knowledge of The Light and The Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is believed will be the trump card with which they can transfer same hope and assurance to the many still living in despair and uncertainty.

Rev. David OH Supporting Speaker

In a submission made by Rev. David OH of the Christin Leaders Fellowship; (an interdenominational Christian Leaders Organization) he mentioned the need for Christian Leaders to re-align with the unadulterated truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is able to impart hope and assurance in the hearts of many. He said, “you cannot give what you don’t have, or have not received from God, which is hope” hence “Pastors, Chaplains and all leaders in every part of Africa must first receive the heart and mind of God, and be able to transfer the same heart to the masses” he said.

He mentioned that, it in this purpose that the Christian Leaders Fellowship is embarking on a national CLF Conference involving Christian Leaders from all over Africa and beyond, Chaplains of Educational Institutions and Correctional Centers. This Rev. OH who is the Foreign Affairs Director of the Good News Mission explains, would have a positive rippling effect on masses, as Christian Leadership is equipped with the right knowledge, mindset and spirit to transfer hope and assurance to their subjects and society as a whole.


Christian Leaders Fellowship is scheduled for Thursday 23rd September, 2021 at the Christ Anglican Church – University of Ghana (Legon) from 9:30am – 2:00pm. Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park (South Korea) (Counselor, Spiritual advisor to several Head of States, founder of International Youth Fellowship and the World Best Choral group; The Gracias Choir)

One can only hope that Faith based Organizations example the Church would use such causes to rekindle the much needed hope and assurance in the hearts and minds of many, effected by the prevailing circumstances of COVID-19.

For more information on the participation of conference and programs, visit the CLF website at www.clf.ac. Or Contact Rev. Samuel Esson on +233-248133258, nsempa@gmail.com,


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