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Selly Galley curses small girl who called her barren and Ugly

Ghanaian television host, Selly Galley Fiawoo has taken to social media to call out a young lady who called her barren after she shared a picture of herself.

As the comments kept pouring in on the post, one Instagram user with the handle, henewaa_piesie2 dropped made a heart wrenching comment, calling her barren after describing the picture as Horror faced.

According to Selly Galley, the lady in question Henewaa Piesie would not live to prosper and be happy adding that she would have a lifetime of bad luck and depression .

Again she has indicated that anything Henewaa Piesie touches , says or does will bring her unexplainable misery and that her generation would continually experience infertility , unhappiness, madness and misery .

She added that her generation will pass on the curse of infertility, unhappiness, madness, misery and a whole lot.

Selly Galley and her husband Praye Tietia have been married for 5 years now and are yet to welcome a child together.

See screenshot of Selly’s response below:

Social media user, Henewaa Piesie has been cursed by actress Selly Galley for teasing her and making mockery of her with her inability give birth.


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