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Nii Oyanka  Induct Development Chiefs From America Into Anamase Alliance Royal Council, Abola Piam Royal Council

Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, the Chief of Oblieman in the Ga West Municipality in Ghana’s capital the Greater Accra region who is also the President of Anamase Royal Alliance Council  and Chairman of Abola Piam Royal Council on Friday 17th September 2021 sworn in new development Chiefs.

The colourful ceremony witnessed the support from the elders both from Abola Piam of Ga State and the Anamase Royal Council.

Among the notable personalities who took office as development Chiefs were the Grandmaster of Masonic United Nations, Mac Lee Henry and Michael Allan Sheffield CEO of Nibiru Freedom Bank.

Speaking after the swearing-in ceremony Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I emphasized the reason why the Anamase Royal Council and the Abola Piam of Ga State have sworn the Chiefs.

“Development is a key to every society hence the need for us to induct development Chiefs to help fasten developmental projects in our communities. Those that have been inducted as development Chiefs will also promote the Ghanaian culture abroad”.

According to Nii Oyanka I who is the oversear of the Anamase Royal Council and the Abola Piam Royal Council of Ga State,  the Councils will support and collaborate with new Chiefs for more developmental projects such as job creation, mentoring the youth, promoting the Ghanian culture which will also boost the tourist revenue in the country.

Coronation List

Hon. Frederick Lee MHenry  -Nii Abajago  1 “The Strong Man”

Hon. Michael Allan Sheffield- Nii Kenkeenfior 1 “The Acomplisher”

Hon Saquane Milton-  Nii Aleenor 1

Stacey Lee Allen – Afeeomomo “Done Already ”

Anya McHenry- Asafoanye   “Nkeleele 1  ” The faithful”.

“This induction and coronation ceremony marks the beginning of the journey to prosperity and life-changing programs that will help bring development to the two Kingdoms of the respective councils; he concluded.


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