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Ms Ada to be re-engaged after psychiatric treatment

A radio presenter with a Takoradi based local station, YFM, who was diagnosed of mental disorder, has been medically declared fit and recommended to be re-engaged by the employer, Global Media Alliance.

The Ghana Police Service are also to discontinue criminal prosecution levelled against Ms Adaeze Ayoka [Ms Ada], said Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Yao Mfodwo, who took her through months of clinical counselling.

According to Dr Mfodwo; Ms Ada, changed her name from Naana Akosua Appiah Antwi to Adaeze Ayoka.

“Ada response to treatment has been good, she maintained her compliance to treatment, and I declare her medically fit to work as normal,” Dr Mfodwo told journalists at a briefing to update them on developments of alleged kidnap and rape raised by Ms Ada early this year.

“It has nothing to do with her intellectual ability to work, in this country we tend to gloss over disabilities,” he added.

Mr Mfodwo said interviews with the radio presenter and her parents based on her childhood, school history, sleep mood and communication pattern showed some fluctuating moods, unpredictable behaviours and delusions and she has now been certified normal.

He said the presenter was frustrated by her long stay in the Police Hospital without being formally charged.

He explained the Police Hospital referred the patient to him in April after being admitted at the facility for an alleged rape incident.

“Ada had very patchy recollections of the alleged rape incident, there was no documented record of drug or alcohol use associated with the alleged rape, there was also no medical report available to me to confirm or deny the alleged rape,” he said.

He congratulated the Global Media Alliance for standing by the employee throughout the period when Ms Ada has been “publicly vilified,” and urged corporate bodies to emulate the gesture.

Source: GNA


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