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Midnight Roots is a Solution to African Women’s Hair

Ackeem Henry, A UK established Ghanaian entrepreneur, has hinted that his product Midnight Roots, will add more beauty to the women on the African continent, calling for a bigger market for the product.

He said the hair product comes with several benefits to women’s hair which includes Antiseptic, Antiseborrheic, Astringent among others.

He also added that he first planned to begin the expansion by training a large team in the UK and Ghana to handcraft their H.GE ointment cosmetic.

“We aim to introduce a dynamic range of bespoke cosmetic products, but our cosmetic workshop activity will remain highly confidential, as we intend to maintain the prestige of our hand crafting techniques”.

On Training Mr Ackeem mentioned that there will not be intensive training as such.

“The only training that will ever be needed is life itself. Our struggle as black people is the training a leader needs to graduate from, because far too often, worldly issues and personal challenges in their lives consume our potential black leaders. Overcoming those unpredictable challenges that you cannot prepare for in life is what makes a leader a leader in the industry they immerse themselves into”. He added

He furthermore said that his outfit has built a paid global team of digital professionals who are currently active in driving the business forward.



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