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Mata Da Aiki Foundation expresses gratitude to Myra Davis for her support

Founder and leader of Mata Da Aiki foundation ( Women and Work), Ayisha Mohammed Salpawunni has expressed her gratitude to Myra Davis Kassim for her kindness donation to the foundation.

Myra Davis who left the comforts of her home in the U.S. America to Ghana to touch the lives of Daboziesi D/A primary pupils in the North East region of Ghana with school supplies and furniture.

She did this in collaboration with Mata Da Aiki Foundation at the expense of her dear life because covid-19 prevalence was still very high at that time.

According to Ayisha Mohammed, Though she came well vaccinated she went back home with Covid-19. Many people think that Fistula is a thing of the past but it’s within our communities and because of stigmatization many are women hiding however we have eight(8) women in the same region who need corrective surgeries. Again she took it upon herself to support at least one woman. Before then she has been supplied with washable diapers and antibacterial creams. She stated.

About Mata Da Aiki Foundation

Mata Da Aiki Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization with the purpose of serving the needs of Women and children in the areas of health and socio-economic empowerment for improved and sustained livelihoods. The name is derived from the Hausa language literally meaning Women and Work.

Mata Da Aiki was established in 2012 when five divorced women in different communities in Ghana but all domicile in Accra lamented over how illiteracy and the lack of employment opportunities reduce women to the status of perpetual dependents on their male counterparts and how this has affected many women in divorced or single mother situations. Mata Da Aiki was their slogan. These women became a motivation that gradually led to the establishment of the foundation which seeks to serve as a voice to many more women by harnessing the strengths, abilities and capabilities of better placed women to meet the needs of less privileged women. The foundation ropes in men who are willing to chart the course of women to bridge the gender gap.

The Foundation’s thematic areas include Women and children, with a focus on women’s socio-economic empowerment, women’s health and literacy and child education, especially the girl child. Critical concerns have been to address the needs of women in areas of poverty reduction, children health, and female sexual education.

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