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I will not record song for Kofi Kinaata in my studio; I do solely gospel songs-KODA Gh

Ghanaian Gospel singer, songwriter, record producer Kofi Owusu Dua Anto known as KODA has said there is no way he will record song for Kofi Kinaata in his studio

Kofi Adoma Nwanwanii in an interview with KODA on Kofi TV asked why he doesn’t record secular music but rather focusing on recording gospel songs

KODA said it is a choice he chose to solely record a gospel song as an engineer since 2002 when he started as an engineer

According to him, he decided he wanted to do absolute Christian engineering so he only records Christian music in his studio

“2002 is when I started as an engineer and God being so good I decided to do absolute Christian Engineering so I record only Christian Music in my studio though I record commercial jingles for some companies’ not secular songs”

Kofi Adoma asked “Will you record a song for Kofi Kinaata in your studio because he does better song although it is secular?

KODA responded “though Kofi Kinaata composes good songs but I will never record a song for him in my studio. I do only Christian music”



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