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“I Went Into Coma For Three Days” – Kunta Kinte Tells Story

Six years after he suffered mild stroke which took him away from the music scene, Kunta Kinte, the other half of Bradez is bouncing back with his new single titled ‘Resurrection of Kunta.’

In an exclusive interview with Flex newspaper about his return to active music, he said;

“my come back into the music industry wouldn’t be that difficult as people may be thinking. What I went through was very serious and it isn’t one of the common diseases that one can find remedies to. God has been good to me and I will tell my fans the real story in my upcoming single. My new song to announce my come back is titled ‘Resurrection of Kunta’ and will be out this month ending.

When asked why the title ‘Resurrection of Kunta’ since resurrection is associated with death, he said;

“yes, I died and resurrected. I went into coma for three days and during that time they were at my gate ready to take me to the mortuary but God being so good, it didn’t happen and I rose from dead.

A lot of things happened when I was down on my sick bed but I think since I’m fully fit and can do what I used to do before which includes going to the studio to record, writing songs and many other things, there is the need to share my experience in the first song to release.”

Asked if Bradez will come back after he and his brother Flowking Stone have done their solo projects, he said the decision of Flowking Stone to release songs was an agreement between Okyeame Kwame, Stone and him so that the brand Bradez will still remain in the system.

“A lesson learnt is that as showbiz persons, there is no need to be arrogant. I now fear human beings because most people said a lot about me which was not true.

Others said I slept with a lot ladies leading to my sickness but frankly speaking during that time I had a girl friend by name Vani who wouldn’t even allow me chase other ladies those days at Legon,” he said.

Kunta Kinte reiterated that even though the music industry has changed, it wouldn’t be difficult to make a big come back. Kunta Kinte, together with his brother formed the Bradez group and made hits like One Gallon and Simple.

Source: Flexghana.com


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