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I was sacked from job interview because I stole chicken in TV advert – Nii Saka Brown

Nii Saka Brown has been sacked from a job interview because his prospected employer didn’t like it that he was a thief in a TV commercial.

The ace Ghanaian actor disclosed this in a recent interview whilst talking about some of the disadvantages of playing certain characters in films. “There are times where by virtue of the work some people tend to dislike you,” he said.

I remember I once went to a place to look for a job and a lady there saw me and said Nii Saka Brown, what are you doing here? And I said I want to see your MD. The lady said let’s go. At the time I had featured in a Gino advert in which I stole chicken in someone’s house,” he recounted.

In a video seen by pulse.com.gh, he detailed that “we got to the office and I am sure the man didn’t make me out. So, the lady said, Director, do you know Him? He is Nii Saka Brown, the one who stole chicken in the Gino advert and that was when the man sacked me“.

Asked what has influenced the Managing Director’s decision to sack him from the interview, the actor said he was accused of being a bad example to children. “It was because of the chicken. When the man got angry, I thought he was joking. But he said what are you people teaching our children, to go and steal chicken?

I said sir, it was an advert I shot for a company I am not the one who wrote the script. But he said no, you should be sensible enough. I was still smiling and the lady was now feeling uncomfortable. But the man insisted that I should get out of his office. I couldn’t move my leg. I lost that business because of that advert,” he said.

However, according to Nii Saka Brown, apart from this experience, acting has been beneficial to him. Hear more from him in the video below.

By: Dailyviewgh.com


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