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Fetish priest stops burial of dead ‘god’ whale

A fetish priest at Moree, a village and small seaside resort in Abura- Asebu- Kwamankese district in the Central region has delayed the burial of a whale that was found dead at the sea side because they believe it is a ‘god’ and should not be buried without rituals.

According to Nana Otu Komfo the fetish priest of the town, the whale is a god so they need to offer special prayers and rituals before they proceed to bury it.

Speaking to Adom News, the priest noted that the burial has been delayed because elders of the town have refused to come to them to sanction the process to give way for the proper burial ceremony.

“Because they go to Pentecost, they don’t want to come to perform the needed rituals” he said.

He continued that until they hear from the chief and or District Executive for the area, “the whale would not be buried because it might bring good tidings to the people”.

Meanwhile the chief fisherman of Moree, Nana Bonsu says the dead whale which is still at the seashore can be harmful to the fishermen in the town and has therefore called on the authorities to speed up the burial process.




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