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Ever since I started prophesying only 2 have failed – Badu Kobi finally speaks

The founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, has reacted to backlash in the wake of his two failed football prophecies.

In a new video sighted by Daily View Gh on, Badu Kobi who was preaching at what looked like a Sunday service, explained the reasons for the incident.

Before jumping to the explanation, however, the man of God said there was no prophet on earth who had all his prophecies correct.

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He said he was not God to be all-knowing and all-seeing, therefore he was susceptible to mistakes just like any person.

Badu Kobi added that all those who were criticising him over the failed prophecies were missing a very important key.

He further defended his office as a prophet and said one of the prophecies he made recently had come to pass.

Badu Kobi again said he made a prophecy about the happenings in South Africa and it was currently a reality.

The popular man of God called on ‘carnal’ men to sit down and be taught about prophecies if they did not understand the things of the spirit.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi was caught in the crosshairs of social media after his two predictions on football he claimed to be prophecies ‘fell flat’.

The preacher, prior to the Copa America final between Brazil and Argentina, said the former was going to lift the trophy.

Few hours after that prophecy, he predicted that England was going to win the Euro 2020 finals against Italy.

Both prophecies ended up happening in the opposite with Argentina winning the Copa America and Italy winning the Euro 2020.



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