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Businessman Takes on Perseus Mining Over damage to TV and refrigerator

A businessman at Ayanfuri in the Central Region has vowed to use all legal means possible to ensure that Perseus Mining (Ghana) Limited (PMGL) compensates him for the company’s alleged damage to his television set and refrigerator.

According to Mr. Moses Akomaninig Agyapong, the issue has lingered on for almost two years now with PMGL unwilling to address the matter once and for all.

That, he said, was against the backdrop of several written and verbal complaints sent to the mining company. Mr. Akomaning Agyapong was speaking to DAILY Analyst in an interview on the sidelines of a two-day workshop organised for communities affected by mining in Bogoso in the Western Region recently.

Additionally, he is asking the company to compensate him for his frozen stuff in the refrigerator which subsequently got spoiled after the incident.

He said in the current state of play, he has been left with no option but to resort to legal action to have the matter permanently resolved.
“And whatever legal action I am taking will also include the Dunkwa Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and its sub-contractors, Yorkay78 Company Limited,” he stated.

Narrating the incident, Mr. Akomaning Agyapong said on September 26, 2020, Yorkay78 Company Limited, sub-contractors of Dunkwa ECG, on the orders of PMGL, disconnected and took away his metre.

But in a Perseus response letter dated 31 October 2021, and sighted by DAILY Analyst, the mining company debunked the statement that it forcibly caused the destruction of Mr. Akomaning Agyapong’s TV and fridge.
“We wish to state that Perseus Mining (Ghana) Limited (PMGL) did not forcibly disconnect your electricity power and went away with your electricity metre. It was rather the workers of Yorkay78 Company Limited who are ECG sub-contractors that carried out the exercise.”

The Perseus response letter explained further “To put the issue in perspective, on 22nd September 2020, the Company’s representative went to the ECG office at Dunkwa and upon their (ECG) request to the buildings whose owners have been resettled at Ayanfuri, Kurokofrom (Resettlement Site) so that their electricity metres and cables can be taken as they are the property of ECG.”
He said that action which was carried out by the Dunkwa ECG sub-contractors (Yorkay78 Company Limited) caused damage to both his TV set and refrigerator.

“Following that action, on September 30, 2020, I lodged a formal complaint at the Information Centre of Perseus about the removal of my electricity metre and made it clear that that action has severely damaged my TV set and refrigerator,” he recalled.

According to Mr. Akomaning Agyapong, based on his initial complaint, Perseus Mining Ghana Limited saw to the repairing of his damaged TV and refrigerator.
However, he said some weeks later after his TV and fridge had been repaired they stopped working.

“So, on October 2, 2020, I lodged another complaint with Perseus to the effect that the TV and fridge had both gone off again, and therefore would need replacements,” he said.
On this second complaint, Perseus indicated in its response letter that it bought the same type of used TV set on November 27, 2020.
“You were engaged and asked to collect the TV set to close the case but you requested a warranty before collecting it. You were informed that the Company was not given a warranty for the purchase of the TV. (old type) set so we cannot give you a warranty.
You decided that you would not accept unless you were given a warranty,” Perseus explained in its response letter to Mr. Akomaning Agyapong.


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