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You can’t be using iPhone 12 or 13 and be looking for immigration job – Kamal Deen

NPP Deputy National Communications Director, Kamal-Deen Abdullai, has advised the youth in Ghana to develop the right attitude towards work.

Kamal-Deen Abdullai was of a firm belief that a major cause of Ghana’s unemployment rate is the lackadaisical habits that some Ghanaians show when they find jobs and those who haven’t been employed yet too the mindset they have about work.

He cited instances where a Ghanaian employee will be less committed to the progress of his or her job, lazying about which becomes a disincentive for employment.

Looking at the ongoing immigration recruitment across the nation, he wondered how a person may describe himself/herself as unemployed when the person is showcasing an expensive iphone at the recruitment grounds.

“Go and check the applicants for the immigration recruitment. Some are holding an iphone 12 and the latest phone in town but are in a queue looking for an immigration job. The Ghc 10,000 you’re using to buy the phone, that 10,000 can be a startup capital for something else but that person says I am unemployed,” he said.

Kamal-Deen also expressed worry over the “make money quick” mentality of some youth.

He urged the youth to set their priorities right and put up a good working attitude, believing such virtues will help bridge the unemployment gap.

“Don’t use the starterpack capital to buy an iphone worth Ghc 12,000 because you want to develop your business. When you are given a loan to start a business, the first thing you’re thinking of is to buy a fresh car out of that loan. How do you pay back? . . . So, it’s about attitude. It is our way of life that won’t help us. We want to appear flamboyant . . . I think it’s a sad one,” he told host Kwami Sefa Kayi on Peace FM’s ”Kokrokoo”.

By: Dailyviewgh.com


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