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TV host Nana Adwoa Sarpomaa feeds orphans on her birthday

Tv host and philanthropist Nana Adwoa Sarpomaa has donated some food items and Covid relief items to orphans in Koforidua in the Eastern region on her birthday .she donated items such as rice, oil, Indomie , biscuit, drinks face mask , hand sanitizers and veronica buckets.

According to her,  she went through she went through hardship as a child and growing up to chase her life wishes was not taken from the silver platter. “ In fact, even though I had a family, life was a hell.

My getting here is not by chance. It is by grace of the almighty God. I never dreamt of getting to where I am, but God made it happen.  On a day like this, I cant do anything better than to reach out to children who by no mistake of theirs have lost their parents counting on the society to make life.

We all know how the economy is hard, have we sat down just a day to think about these ones ­­­­­­­­? We sit in the house, eat and throw the rest in the dustbin, we change our wardrobe every month and burn the old ones, do we think of how these young ones survive?  Don’t forget, as Christians it is our obligation to cater for these orphans.

The lord says, as you did not do for these ones, so did you not do it for me. Let us all come together and help the poor and especially the orphans, ”Nana Adwoa advised.

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