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Only foolish people enjoy what you do – Wisa Greid slams Twene Jonas

Popular social commentator, Twene Jonas, has been slammed by Ghanaian artiste, Wisa Greid for being disrespectful to the elderly and high-profile persons in society.

Twene Jonas has gained notoriety for his hot takes about trending issues, and matters about the development of Ghana from his base in the United States of America.

However, not everyone is excited about his antics. One of such persons is Ghanaian artiste, Wisa Greid who has slammed Jonas for his approach to discussing issues, adding that “only foolish people” love what he does.

“I just go tell am make he respect himself because already e no dey respect elders. People he dey talk sh*t about all he no dey respect them so I won’t talk say make he respect them,” an irritated Greid, known for his 2014 song Ekiikimi said to Pulse Ghana in a new interview.

“Make he respect he himself because if he dey respect himself that go make I go respect am wey I go listen to hin advise he dey give but if you yourself you no dey respect who go follow what you go talk.

Ibi only foolish people wey they dey enjoy what he dey do.” As expected, some people agreed with Greid whilst others are of the opinion that he is trying to relaunch his career with the statement.

Source: Dailyviewgh.com



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