Home SHOWBIZ Myra Kay Falls whiles performing at Shay Concert

Myra Kay Falls whiles performing at Shay Concert

Most musician face many discomfort  when performing on stage . Great musician have fallen on stage during their performance and last night fast rising female artiste Myrykay was added to the history books .

When it comes to performances anything can happen and Myra Kay has an unfortunate situation. The female songstress who recently released Piesie was billed to perform at Wendy Shay’s Concert at the West Hills Mall.

During her performance she fell on stage. Was it stage fright or mistiming? Which the video down here below.

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Step by step something good will come out of her performances one day but this one was very funny and got people laughing and cheering on as well. Waiting for her next performance, just maybe she will still glue under her feet so she doesn’t slip.


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