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Lil Win’s school bus run over 5year old girl and kills her instantly – Photos

The school bus of the Great minds international school has run over a 5 year old in a gory accident leaving the little girl dead instantly.

According to Adom News the unfortunate accident happened on Wednesday morning when one of the school busses of the great minds international schools was moving around picking students to school in the township of offinso.

An eye witness narrated that while the driver stopped to allow the students of the school to board the bus, the 5 year old girl who was not a student of the school was standing near the bus and when the bus immediately moved it run over the girl leaving her dead at the spot.

Out of fear the driver of the bus realizing he has killed a human being quickly got out of the bus leaving the students on the bus and ran away.

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According to the eye witness’s narration, the driver did not see the girl was standing near the bus as the bus is very big.

A very hard hitting news to Lil Win the the owner of the school. Lil win purchased the bus which was involved in the accident 2 years ago.


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