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INSLA intensifies its campaign on elimination of Trans-fatty foods

Source: Ben LARYEA

The Institute of Leadership and Development (INSLA), a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) has intensified its campaign on the elimination of Trans-Fatty Acids (TFA) in the food value chain across the country.

Trans-Fatty Acids are identified in some food items such as oils, margarine, fast food, and other unregulated food which are locally produced as well as imported ones for human consumption.
Such fatty acids have led to a rising increase in cardiovascular disease like hypertension, stroke, heart failure and other health conditions.

It is for these reasons that INSLA have organized the third in the series of its capacity building and consultative forum for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and the Media on the Elimination of Trans-Fatty Acids (TFA) in Ghana with a cross section of the media and some civil society organisations in attendance.

Speaking at the forum, the Director of INSLA, Mr. Benjamin Anabila said the CSO is working fervently in the bid to eliminate transfatty-acids by the year 2023 with its stakeholders.
He however urged the media and the CSOs in the health care delivery system to highlight and bring to bear the health challenges of trans-fatty acids on human health and the diseases associated with it.

“As part of the activities to create awareness of TFA, INSLA have initiated steps to organise floats, education activities at market places, transport terminals and engage institutions like the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, Food and Drugs Authority, Ministry of Trade to draw up a comprehensive framework and a roadmap on the elimination of TFA in the food value chain,” he stressed.

For his part, the Project Manager for INSLA, Mr. Issa Ali, called for a better package for healthier foods than relying on low resources of unhealthy foods which are unwholesome for human consumption.

He therefore challenged stakeholders in the health sector as well as the media to collectively work together in ensuring that TFA is completely eliminated in the country’s food sector.
“INSLA is of the view that in the next two years and with hard work and much commitment from all stakeholders TFA will be totally eradicated in the country’s food space”, he said.


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