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I will not marry again; Marriage is not the only way to happiness – Xandy Kamel

Xandy Kamel has sworn not to marry again in her life after her first marriage fell on the rocks.

During an interview with ZionFelix, she claims she will not marry again and that all she needs is to have fun.

“I will not marry again. I just want to have fun, explore, travel, enjoy life, eat good food and make sure my poly tank is graduated to chamber and hall. You know, just be me”.

According to her, sleeping around is not fun because she is not ready to contract any disease from anyone. She added that she will not date anyone, talk of marriage. “I will not dare again. I will not marry again. I am not sure I’m going to do that again.”

She mentioned that she would get distracted again if she is into a relationship or re-marry.

“I feel I will be distracted again. So I just want to focus on building a better life for myself, taking care of my family. You know I love travelling, so I just want to explore the world, live my life, be myself, you know that’s it. People who have walked with me know I don’t think about myself, I think about the other person, I try my best to even cover up for the person, do a lot of things for the person. So, it distracts me,” she added.

“Things I have been able to achieve and done for myself within these few months is just by the grace of God,” she concluded.

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