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I have never taken bribe; I’ll shoot myself in the head if I ever take – Captain Smart

Onua TV morning show host, Captain Smart, has alleged that a good deal of journalists fail to report the truth as most of them are being financed by some major political parties in Ghana.

He has called on his colleagues to stop accepting monies from the New Patriotic Paty (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and rather focus on the interest of Ghanaians as their profession demands.

The host of Onua Maakye on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, intimated that he does not take sides when it comes to reporting on issues in the country.

He has, therefore, advised journalists to save their image as he revealed that the media is being mocked by the public who see them as puppets for politicians.

“Ghanaian journalists, we have failed. The media in Ghana has failed. Let me be the one to inform you, Ghanaians who listen to us are making a mockery of us. If you think I am lying, let us do a survey to verify if Ghanaians even have a single trust in the media. You will see that just 10 percent believe in the media,” said Captain Smart.

He believes that some journalists are not performing their watchdog function but instead taking bribes to report on issues that will favour political parties.

“Ghanaian journalists have spent monies from the NPP, it is enough. The cash is enough, let me even include myself, we have spent more than enough, stop it already. The monies from the NDC is enough, who is watching over the country? Who is offering support to the nation in these hard times,” he quizzed.

Meanwhile, Captain Smart has revealed that he has never taken a bribe in his entire career as a journalist. He threw a challenge to himself saying that he will commit suicide the day he accepts any form of bribe.

He stated: “I don’t have any interest anywhere, up till now in my professional life, I have never collected bribe, never. I will never accept any bribe in my professional life. Right from the time I started radio work from Radio Peace till date. I will kill myself, I will commit suicide the very day I take a bribe. I will commit suicide, the very day I will do something for people to say I am corrupt, I will not shoot myself, I will stab myself with a knife in the stomach and die. I will rather shoot myself in the head if I ever do something against the country. I can hit my chest and say that I, Kwadwo Smart, am not corrupt. I have never blackmailed anybody in my life.”



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