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How I cured UK returnee of Corona virus— Sheik Amin Bonsu, CEO, Amen Herbal Hospital

Dr. Sheik Amin Bonsu, CEO of Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital, a renowned Herbal Hospital in Ghana, known for healing of diseases, has revealed how he cured a United Kingdom returnee of Corona virus .

He made the disclosure when a group of pressmen call on him.

According to the statement, a Ghanaian arrived from the United Kingdom (UK) and was suspecting that she could have contracted the virus since her brother had died of the virus in the UK.

She abided by the self isolation measures prescribed by government. She only discovered on the 20th day that she had serious difficulty in breathing and severe body pains.

She could not even help herself to the washroom.

She instructed her son to get medicine from us (Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital) to combat the symptoms of the Corona virus.

We delivered the medicine at her doorstep and directed her as to how to use it (put the medicine in warm water and the dosage to take).

The medicine was administered at 12pm, in less than an hour, before 1pm she was relieved of the difficulty in breathing and felt good.

At once, one who was on the verge of dying is now active and was feeling better within two days. She continued to use the medicine and by two days she felt better from all the pains and difficulty to breath.

Bonsu added that his firm had the remedy for Covid 19 long before Madagascar created a solution to the virus saying that Amen Scientific Herbal had produced drugs for serious difficulty in breathing, respiratory related disorders and drugs for boosting immune system.

These drugs are Testico, Fever-Mix and Webco. The drugs, he said, have been taken to Saudi Arabia to treat respiratory system of Corona Virus.

“People who go to Hajj usually experience respiratory disorders alike.The medicine was taken there and the directives was to use higher dosage of it in warm water and taken. By the grace of God the medicine worked perfectly.”

Two people from the United States of America who were under Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and were almost dying for testing positive of the virus were healed from the virus within a space of two weeks.

He further mentioned that the medicines have already been tested and approved from the Laboratory at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Mampong. The Food and and Drugs Authority (FDA) has also approved of the medicines.

These drugs, Testico, Fever-Mix and Webco, he said, were already in existence before the spread of the Corona Virus.

Bonsu stated that he is already in touch with the Government’s team in charge of the Covid 19 pandemic about its remedy saying that the Government is yet to give approval.

“As soon as we are given the opportunity we can confidently say that our problem has been solved. We only hope that Government will act quickly,” he said.

He however, advice citizens all over the world to maintain the social distancing measures, use face mask, wash hands under running water with soap and sanitize hands regularly

Source: Dickson Boadi


Thermal Surveillance Solution with Pandemic Control and Prevention Covid-19 and CCTV

Avcontech Limited, Ghana’s technology-oriented security service provider presents a few suggestions to businesses, Institutions and the country as a whole in our national quest to assist with the prevention of the recent global Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic.

The company wildly known for its donation and installation of free CCTV and accessories to some Police Station in the Greater Accra Region, including Ghana Navy and Prison

Headquarters (see Image 1) as part of their Social Corporate Responsibility, is also trusted by our valued clients for the installation and sales of quality surveillance and security gadgets.

Aside the various protocols laid out by World Health Organization such as social distancing and the wearing of facemask, some businesses and Institutions have put in place smaller structures like the enforced Temperature Check Point before entry. Institutions like Banks, Hospitals, Shopping Malls are but a few noticed to be using this structure.

This Temperature Check Point typically involves a security personnel checking the body temperature using a forehead thermometer before entry for such places.

The process although effective also poses risk as there is still human interaction and contact.

We present our Thermal surveillance solution, which employs the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC) and accessories to check temperatures of persons upon entry into a public space.

A Thermal Camera is a camera that uses heat sensor attached to a special type of lens, which is then adapted to work alongside standard image-capture technologies (see image 2).

Thermal cameras when deployed properly can measure the body temperature of every person entering or exiting a public space.

Thermal imaging equipment can easily be installed and implemented to detect elevated skin temperature in environments such as our Parliament, Flag Staff House, Airports, Hospitals, Clinics, Office buildings, Banks and other public gathering spaces.

The use of thermal cameras is a simple, contactless and effective way to prevent the spread.

To measure the temperature of 5000 people for example, it will take about 4.2 hours using a forehead thermometer, as it takes at least 3 seconds to measure a person.

However, it will take only 30 minutes if using the right thermal cameras and accessories. Which can measure 3 persons every second with a high temperature of ± 0.3℃.

Avcontech is poised and ready to assist upon request for the installation and setup of Thermal Camera solution at discounted rates in our effort to assist with the fight. We implore the government, business and institutions to consider this as part of the preventive protocols.

Let us all assist in our own way to stop the spread of this Corona Virus.

Managing Director

Nana Kweku Ofori Atta


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