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Ghanaian researcher’s herbal-based drug fighting deadly diseases

A Ghanaian researcher, Dr Ato Dancun, has launched a new drug which he says supports the immune system to naturally fight and prevent deadly diseases.

Cancers, viral hepatitis, diabetes, hypertension, blood-related and many other chronic diseases are among the disease COA FS fights.

Dr Ato Dancun’s COA FS has been making inroads in the healthcare delivery in Ghana and the world at large.

Scientists have hailed the discovery of COA FS as a major breakthrough in the fight against, cancers, hypertension, and viral diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

It is the first of its kind anywhere in the world and has the capability of significantly restoring the human immune system to attack disease-causing pathogens.

Until now, any drug already on the market had only fought diseases in the human bloodstream, leaving a gap in the fight against stubborn viruses and bacteria in the human system.

COA FS, according to its manufacturers, provides the necessary support to the immune system to aid existing medicines fight diseases better.

Already there are many individuals who have benefitted from COA FS – one of them, OJ Black, a musician who suffered deadly kidney failure.


COA FS has also received an endorsement from the Health Ministry.

Due to its effectiveness, some people have even confused it to be a cure for HIV, something the manufacturer says must not be encouraged.

The drug has been approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) after undergoing various scientific tests.

The FDA has said it is putting together a team to analyse claims the new drug could be of significant support in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Until a cure for HIV is found, COA FS is said to be a major support to anti-retroviral drugs to stabilise HIV patients.

Source: Joy News


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