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Danfa health center receives medical equipments

The member of parliament for Madina Constituency, Lawyer Francis Xavier Kojo Sosu, as part of his health project, has donated two medical delivery beds to the Danfa Health Center.
This donation was done after managers of the facility informed him that they had only one medical delivery bed, which was in a dilapidated state. This led to a decline in quality delivery of maternal health care at the Centre. 
The MP at a community durbar at Danfa presented two medical delivery beds to the hospital administration to aid in maternal health care delivery.
Honorable Sosu mentioned that Danfa Health Center has contributed significantly in tackling health issues within the Municipality. He added that the facility has saved many lives since it’s establishment and it will be prudent to raise it’s status to a polyclinic. He added that he will continue to push the agenda for government to resource the health center and raise it’s status into a Polyclinic. This he said is necessary because the right to health care is a fundamental human right, hence if the facilities are not well equipped to support this right, then it means this right is being infringed upon.
Dr Yenusom Maalug, Head of the Health Project, office of the Madina MP, indicated that the facility serves a community of more than 11 000 people in the La- Nkwantanang-Madina Municipality.
For about half a decade now, the hospital had only one delivery bed which is now old and rusted, yet was being used for deliveries for lack of options.
He indicated that the Danfa Health Center is accessed by adjoining communities like Otinibi, Adoteiman, Kweiman, Ayi Mensah, Oyarifa, Amrahia and Teiman.
The Danfa Divisional Chief Nii Djanie Tsuru Afutu Brempong IV expressed excitement and lauded the MP upon receiving the beds whiles stating that, it is a special day for the people of Danfa. He further added that, everyone at the occasion should go out there and share the good news since the facility would ensure that sick persons won’t go through the stress to have to move far from the community to seek for medical care.
Mrs Aseye Apetsi, the In-Charge of the Danfa Health Center, expressed her gratitude to the member of parliament and commended him for his support and prompt response to their needs. She revealed that this is the best gift the facility has received in 2021.


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