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Could Proper Nation Building Be Done Under Partisan Governance?

Ghana can change its current status from “Ghana beyond aid “to a “self sufficient nation building” by combining proper structures which secures implemented driven policies established by the same laws using in ruling its self.

When the governance system of a country is done under political interest, the citizens of the nation suffers thereby minority becomes beneficial of its assets at the expense of majority.

That same country can’t boast of millionaires because it doesn’t believe in creating and enabling environment at large for citizens to create more jobs for them to be independent and by so doing relieves huge burden on the state. In the absence of independency,the citizenry then become a burden to the state which makes governance very difficult to accomplish its responsibilities unlike other nations within the African continents.

If governance is made a shared responsibility as security, each citizen will be more efficient in joining forces with government to improve the living standard of fellow citizens because the government engages its citizens with good policies.The government of Ghana should try as much as possible to create an enabling environment to make entrepreneurship attractive enough for citizens. This is to release the pressure and criminality within societies and by so doing, both individuals, social and corporate entities will begin to contribute at least in the developmental project within communities, neighborhoods,cities and town at where they operate to offload the weight of unemployment and undeveloped-mental projects on the necks of government.

A government that engages its citizens makes its governance more attractive, transformable , effective , efficient and lucrative enough for its citizens and doesn’t struggle with campaign in other to seek for power. The citizens endorses them with passion.


Source: Dickson Boadi


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