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Akuapem Poloo is in jail whilst a scammer like Agradaa is walking free – Maame Ng3g3 blasts the courts

Social media users are completely livid over the jailing of actress and social media nuisance Akuapem Poloo.

Poloo has been sent back to prison for three months after her appeal against the sentence handed down by an Accra Circuit Court was denied by the Accra High Court.

Poloo had initially been jailed for publication of obscene materials and reckless endangerment of a minor following her posting a photo with her son wearing nothing on and posting it online.

After receiving her jail term, she was freed pending appeal.

With that appeal now done, she is going back to jail.

Reactions to her imprisonment has spanned many emotions but most people agree she does not need to be in jail.

Despite her annoying attention-seeking nature, Poloo is good-natured at heart and there are definitely more egregious crooks running around Ghana who need to be jailed before her.

Reacting to her imprisonment, Ghanaian vlogger Maame Ng3g3 – longtime nemesis of fetish priestess cum scammer turned evangelist Nana Agradaa – has reacted.

According to her, she doesn’t understand how Poloo can be jailed whilst people like Agradaa are walking around free.

It’s on record that Agradaa scammed multiple Ghanaians with her supposed ‘sika gari’ rituals, then immediately she started facing legal challenges, claimed she had ‘repented’ and is now an evangelist.

We should really ask ourselves as a society if it should be so easy to escape crimes by just claiming to be born again?

How can Agradaa walk free whilst a mother is separated from the son she clearly loves for a misdemeanour?

It’s definitely something that makes zero sense!

Check Ng3g3’s reaction to Poloo’s imprisonment below…

By: Dailyviewgh.com


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