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Abena Ghana Launches Miss Bonokyempim to Empower Women From Bono

Actress and Entrepreneur Abena Ghana was known in real life as Cecilia Gyaase Konamah has introduced yet another initiative to empower and help young women of Bono backgrounds to thrive to the top.

The pageantry dubbed Miss Bono Kyempim is the first of its kind in Ghana and seeks to give young Bono women the ability and exposure needed to thrive for their dreams and ambitions the best way possible.

Miss Bonokyempim targets Bono women between the ages of 18-30 with the dream of becoming an Ambassador for Girl-Child Education and travels around the world for international conferences.

The pageantry also pledges a mouth-watering cash prize for the winner.

Due to the ban of outdoor events and social gatherings because of the spike in covid 19 cases in the country, we would like to call on all interested participants to send their audition videos through this WhatsApp number…….from 23rd February to 27th February 2021.

10 qualified applicants will be contacted and confirmation of their entry into the pageant will be announced on Miss Bonokyempem Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Requirements in the Audition Video:

1. Mention Your Full Name
2.Your Age
3. Your Hometown
4. Your Height
5.Sing your favorite song
6. Explain why you want to join Miss Bonokyempem Pageant
7.Show a full-frame walking video of yourself.
be more than 5mins it should be in a Full Frame.


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